RS Super Cup

start date
02 May 2014

Regional Sports is pleased to announce its Super Cup this coming Friday 2nd may at Al Yasmina School.

We are honored to invite you to this event that we promise will be a great experience with lots of fun and competitive matches as well as great prizes worth 15,000 AED.

Kindly find attached tournament flyer for more details. Also find attached registration forms, kindly fill these in and send them to us on

Entrey Fee: 1,000 AED/Team

Kindly note that the entry fee must be paid in full prior to the tournament for you to secure your team for this tournament.

Don't forget to tell your friends!, See you at Al Yasmina on the 2nd

Click Below to Download Attachements:

1.  Yasmina Football 6a Side Rules

2. RS's Football General Rules

3. Team Details





General Information

• The winning team will be awarded a prize Cup and medals, the runner-up will be awarded cup & silver medals.
• Captains double check the result before signing the referee score sheet
• Subs will be “rolling” players coming on to the field may not do so until the player being replaced has come off
• No match will go ahead if the numbers in one team fall below 6 people
• A game is called a forfeit if players on a team fall below 5 or if a team shows up 5mins late
• No off sides
• No head height rule
• Back-pass to the goal keeper is not allowed. Keeper can play ball with feet but cannot pick up ball.
• No restrictions regarding players entering either penalty area during open play
• If the ball goes out of bounds, a throw in applies
• Player's Equipment
• Only molded studs, AstroTurf shoes or trainers are allowed to be worn on the pitch.
• Wearing of shin guards is recommended. Any player who fails to wear shin guards does so at their own risk.
• Start of Play
• At the beginning of a game ball possession shall be decided by the toss of a coin
• At the start of each half and after a goal has been scored, the game will restart from the center by the team who conceded the goal.
• Each team must be positioned in their own half of the pitch and the opposing players must be a minimum of 5 meters from the ball until play has started
• Duration of play: 30 minutes
• Fouls and Misconduct
• Players are requested to respect the rules and culture of the country. Swearing at or fighting with another player or the referee is considered a MAJOR offence. If a team or player is found guilty of such behavior there will be strict action ranging from a warning to a complete bank from the tournament
• All offences may result in a yellow card or a red card (two yellow cards) depending on the severity of the charge and on the discretion of the referee
• A player who receives a yellow card will have to leave the field for 2 minutes, he can only return when the referee signals him back in. No replacement allowed for player who is shown the yellow card
• A player who is sent off (red card) has to leave the pitch for the duration of the game. No substitute is allowed for a player dismissed for misconduct during the game in which the offence occurred.
• Violent Conduct/Swearing/Dissent directed towards any player or referee will result in suspension from the tournament
• Charging/sliding not allowed
• Deliberate hand balls (hand making contact with ball as opposed to ball making contact with hand) are considered an offence, free kick for the opposing team.
• The goal-keeper may not handle the ball outside the penalty area, an offence, free kick if they do
• Free Kick
• All free kicks during the game are direct unless the referees indicated the opposite.
• When a player is taking a free kick all of the opposing players shall be at least 5m from the ball until it is in play. All free kicks given against the defending side for infringements committed in or near the penalty area shall be taken from a distance not less than 5m outside the penalty area at the nearest point to where the offence occurred.
• Penalty Kick: A penalty kick shall be taken from the penalty mark.