English FA International Intermediate Course

start date
09 October 2014
end date
17 October 2014


Course Description

This new International course has been designed by FA Learning to build upon the new FA Coaching philosophy which is embedded in the foundation course and will further develop your ability to deliver coaching sessions across a syllabus of both technical and theoretical aspects related to coaching.

It is the second of three levels (Foundation, Intermediate and Licence) which build upon each other and offer a comprehensive learning programme for internationally based coaches.

The Intermediate Course includes a range of progressive practices that can be utilised for a variety of players in different situations. In addition, there will be help on how to adapt your coaching sessions to meet the needs of your players.

Course Aims & Objectives

To provide all course participants with the knowledge to effectively deliver and evaluate coaching sessions across a range of technical areas to both adults and young people.

It will also aim to:

•    Further develop the Roles, Skills and Qualities of a Football Coach
•    Help Coaches to achieve a good understanding of the Principles of Play for football games, and knowledge of the Technical Detail the players require
•    Become more effective at Planning, Preparing and Delivering Technical, Skill, Small Sided Game sessions and practices
•    Design sessions to challenge and develop the variation of abilities within a team
•    Provide a safe environment for the players and be able to deal with injuries and emergency procedures

Course Content

The theory components will include:

•    The skills and qualities of a coach
•    Developing player competencies
•    Coaching session planning considerations
•    Coaching session evaluation consideration
•    A consideration of coaching styles and communications
•    Safe and ethical coaching
•    Football fitness
•    Nutrition
•    The relationship of the FA’s Long Term Player Development (LTPD( programme to difference players
•    The organisation and running of a group run tournament of different formats and outcomes

The practical elements include:

•    An introduction to the principles of attacking play
•    An introduction to the principles of defending play
•    Warm up games with diminishing overloads into directional games
•    Passing and receiving
•    Developing the practice in relation to age
•    The development of close control/dribbling
•    The development of running with the ball
•    Effective defending
•    Scoring
•    Heading
•    Small sided games in a variety of formats

You will look at session adaptations and progressions that vary depending on your players’ abilities and time.

Integral to the course will be the chance to plan and work with young players with feedback from your FA International Course tutor.

Chris Brown